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It’s Simple To Be A “Great” Renter!


If you are new to renting a home or condo/townhome, don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think to be a “great” renter! We are very excited for you!
Why does it matter if you are a “great” renter? Well, it does for many reasons. Being a “great” renter allows you to build awesome relationships with your property management company, the property owner, your neighbors and much more. You’re now a part of the local community and people talk. As a result, your “rental” reputation carries with you like anything else. When you demonstrate how considerate of a renter you are, the references that result can matter on future situations like rental applications, job interviews, and more. Meaning, if you choose to move into a different location whether local or not, most property management companies want to know your “rental” reputation as much as your income and credit. This can matter when seeking approval in your next situation.
We’ve seen some “great” renters and we’ve also seen the other side.

Steps to being a “great” renter.

Enhance the relationships

As we stated above, having a positive relationship with everyone involved has no downside. Have you ever had a bad relationship with a neighbor, local business or a landlord? It doesn’t make for easy living for anyone. Playing nice in the sandbox is a win-win for everyone.

Understand the agreement

It might be called a rental contract, but you should think of it as an agreement. This is what the “renter” and “owner” are agreeing too! Just like shaking hands and saying “I agree to…” then turning around and not sticking to your word. It’s always better when everyone is on the same page on the “rental agreement” details so all can live easily.

Respect your agreement

When the rules have been set, it’s up to you to make sure that you’re respecting them. When we feel disrespected in our relationships, things can tend to go off the rails. Put yourself in the others shoes and try to treat them as you wish to be treated. Want to make changes to the agreement or improve the property yourself? Ask, and if they say no, there’s likely a legitimate reason. If they say yes, get the permission in writing to protect yourself in the event something happens (hopefully it won’t).

Communicate effectively

This is the founding principle to which your relationship will thrive, just like all other types of relationships. If you have a question, just ask. In situations like this, it’s always better to ask and risk asking too many questions, instead of assuming the wrong thing. This also means communicating maintenance needs and concerns in a clear and respectful way. Repairs happen and the worst thing you can do is wait until it becomes an even bigger, more expensive problem.

Treat it like it’s your property

What we mean by this is you wouldn’t put a ton of careless holes in your walls, right? You’d probably carefully measure and place a single hole, or use command strips. So, don’t destroy the space in any way because you wouldn’t do that to your own home.

Pay rent on time

We all have bills and responsibilities we have to take care of that depend on being paid on time. The owner is in the same boat. Remember this is an agreement and paying on time is in there. Setup a draft or ACH transfer so everything is automated and there is no accidental forgetting.

At the end of the day, it’s about how you treat others. We all want to receive respect, courtesy, honesty, trust and clear communication. This is what it’s all about!

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