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Owners FAQ

How can I find out what my house will rent for?

We will do a comparative market analysis on the current rental market to determine the most appropriate rental rate to maximize your return on investment. Please contact us today for a free rental investment analysis

How will Aleasa Homes market my property?

We will post your rental listing in the local MLS as well as all popular rental websites to maximize your exposure, including Zillow,,,, Zumper,, and We will also market your rental directly to all of our real estate agent partners at the number one real estate agency of the Carolinas, Allen Tate. Our marketing will begin as early as 30 days before the rental is available to allow ample time to secure you a tenant and avoid vacancies.

How is Rent Collected?

All rent is collected through online bank transfers directly into our secure Escrow Account. Rent is due from tenants on the first of each month. At the beginning of the lease, the rent will be prorated if the lease does not start on the first day of the month.

How does a Security Deposit work?

A security deposit is an amount of money deposited in our secure Trust Account that we collect as soon as the lease is signed and is held until the end of the lease. The cost of repairing any tenant damage or cleaning needed after a tenant moves out will be withheld from the tenant’s security deposit and the remaining balance of the deposit will be returned to the tenant.

How are Tenants chosen?

Once we receive an application from a prospective tenant, we will run background and credit checks, verify their income and review their rental history. As soon as we receive the reports, we will discuss the findings with the owner to confirm the homeowner finds the tenant to be acceptable.

Who pays for the background and credit checks?

The applicant pays these fees when they submit their rental application.

What Happens if a Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent?

Rent is due the first day of each month and is considered late if not received within 5 calendar days thereafter. A late fee of 5% is automatically applied to the tenant’s account and due payable immediately. If the tenant refuses to pay at that time, the homeowner can terminate the lease and Aleasa Homes will begin the eviction process. The tenant will be responsible for any eviction fees. Any late fees will be included in your next income payment.

How will I receive my monthly rental income?

Aleasa Homes does electronic deposits directly into your bank account by the 15th of every month. We will send you a statement breaking down your income each month. This is a great resource for you to reference come tax time!

Who is responsible for regular maintenance of the property once it is leased?

The homeowner is responsible for making sure there are clean air filters and working batteries in all of the smoke and CO2 alarms in the house at the time the lease begins. Once a tenant moves in, it is their responsibility to change out the air filters and alarm batteries. Any mechanical or pest servicing of the property will remain the responsibility of the homeowner for the duration of any lease.

What Happens If A Repair Is Needed?

Aleasa property managers are available 24/7 to the tenants for repair emergencies! Any repairs less than $250 will automatically be completed and the cost of the repair will be deducted from your next owner payment. For repairs over $250, we will always discuss the repair with you first to get approval for the cost before we give a contractor the green light to complete the repair. Repair costs are always paid up front by Aleasa Homes and then we deduct that cost from your next owner payment or from the tenant’s security deposit should the repair fall under their move out expenses.

Do I have to allow pets in my rental?

No! You can decide whether you want to allow pets and if so, what kinds of pets are acceptable or more importantly, not permitted.

I’m interested in renting out my house, but I’m nervous about having strangers in my house. What will Aleasa do to make sure the tenants aren’t abusing my property?

We understand that renting your home can cause anxiety, which is why we take great consideration to document the condition of the property before, during and after a tenant takes possession. Outside of our regularly scheduled walk throughs with the tenant, we will visit the property anytime a significant repair is requested to document the issue for the homeowner. If at any time we observe questionable conditions, we will inform the homeowner immediately and actively work with the tenant to resolve the issues. We do not allow smoking in any of our rentals, so this will never be an issue for you with Aleasa Homes!

What Happens if a Tenant Wants to End the Lease Early?

The tenant is responsible for the rental payments through the expiration date of the lease agreement. If they want to end the lease early, we will begin marketing the property to secure a new tenant ASAP. The current tenant will only be released from the lease upon the signing of a new lease agreement and they will continue paying the rental fee until the new tenant’s lease begins. The current tenant will also be responsible for paying the marketing fee to procure a new tenant.

What Happens if I want to Stop Renting my Property?

Upon the end of a lease, you will have the option to market your home for rent again or not. Should you want to sell the property, we are fully licensed real estate agents in NC and SC and would be more than happy to help!

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