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Maintenance and Repairs

Part of homeownership is maintaining the property and handling repairs should the event arise. When you have a property manager, this work is taken care of for you! We have an extensive database of vendors that we can turn to for any type of repair you may need. We will handle obtaining estimates, scheduling the contractors with the tenants, and paying the vendors once the work is completed. Aleasa Homes will always handle the payments up front, and will then deduct the cost of the repair from your next income payment. The breakdown of any repair payments deducted will be shown on your monthly income statement.

Each property will have a reserve of $250 that we will use in the event a small repair is needed. Any repair over $250 will be discussed with you for approval before any work is completed. We keep all invoices on file for at least three years in case you sell the property and need the documentation for any work that is done. Homeowners are responsible for providing clean air filters and working batteries in all smoke and CO2 detectors prior to a tenant taking possession. Once the tenant moves in, they will be responsible to change out the air filters and batteries regularly.

We conduct walkthroughs of the property at the beginning of each lease as well as the halfway point and upon tenant move out. We will document the condition of the property with every visit to ensure the tenants are maintaining the high quality of your home up until the moment they move out.

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